Here are 8 points on how long interviews should last

 Average Range: Most interviews fall between 30 and 90 minutes, with 45 minutes considered a sweet spot.

Factors Affecting Length: Interview type, number of interviewers, and required tasks (presentations, skills tests) can influence duration.

Shorter Interviews (20-30 minutes): Can happen if you impress the interviewer with your qualifications or they have a tight schedule.

Longer Interviews (60+ minutes): May indicate a more in-depth evaluation for senior roles or multiple interviewers involved.

Panel Interviews: Can last longer as you meet with a team, potentially in back-to-back shorter interviews.

Quality over Quantity: A good interview should be a conversation, allowing for thoughtful answers and questions from both sides, not rushed.

Respectful Time Management: Regardless of length, interviewers who value your time will keep things on schedule.

Be Prepared for Anything: While there's an average range, be ready for interviews to fall outside it and pace yourself accordingly.