13 Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Tell me about yourself. (This is a great opportunity to give a concise introduction that highlights your skills and experience relevant to the position.)

Why do you want to work for our company? (Research the company! Show you understand their mission and values, and how your goals align with theirs.)

Why are you the best person for this position? (Focus on your qualifications and achievements that directly relate to the job description. Use specific examples to showcase your skills.)

What are your strengths and weaknesses? (Identify a genuine strength and elaborate on how you leverage it. For weaknesses, choose something you're actively working on improving.)

What's a professional achievement you're most proud of? (Pick a success story that demonstrates your skills and contributions. Briefly describe the situation, your actions, and the positive outcome.)

How do you handle stress and pressure? (Employers value composure. Share strategies you use to manage pressure, like prioritizing tasks or effective communication.)

Tell me about a time you had conflict with a coworker and how did you overcome it? (Focus on conflict resolution skills. Briefly describe the situation, the steps you took to address it, and the positive outcome.)

Tell me about a time you failed at work and how did you handle it? (Everyone makes mistakes!  Demonstrate how you learn from setbacks. Briefly describe the situation, what you learned, and how you improved.)

Why are you leaving your current job? / Why have you left your most recent position? (Be honest but professional. Focus on your desire for new challenges or a better fit for your skills and career goals.)

How do you stay organized? (Employers value time management. Briefly describe your preferred organization methods,  like using to-do lists or project management tools.)

Where do you see yourself in five years? (Show ambition and long-term thinking.  Express how this position aligns with your career goals and how you can grow within the company.)

Do you have any questions for us? (Always have prepared questions! This shows your interest and initiative. Ask thoughtful questions about the role, team, or company culture.)

 What are your salary requirements? (Research average salaries for the position and location. Be prepared to negotiate, but also show flexibility.)